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Carole J. Sluski

Bestselling Author . Artist

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Carole J. Sluski

Carole Sluski is a mother, but is also a victim of the worst loss a person can have: she is a parent who lost her child and experienced mental and physical pain of grief. Through devotion in faith, she reaches out to God for help to survive. Professionally, Carole is an accomplished entrepreneur in business and creative arts. She currently resides in Florida with her husband, Dr. Dennis Sluski.

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A Message to the Broken Heart

Your sadness may be overwhelming; please know it is truly warranted.

It is okay to miss your beloved child and normal to grieve for as long as you may need. Remember your child’s spirit will always reach out to you and give you love.


To restore your health, reach out to God and ask for His help.

The people you love and those who love you will help you want to live again.

Reach out to them and feel alive.


You are made in the image of our Lord – He loved and experienced true grief.

He allows each of us to do the same, especially over the loss of our beloved child.


Pray to God and His Mother, the Blessed Virgin Mary. Let Mary become your mentor. Let her guide you to pray the Rosary for your child and yourself.

Pray and you will begin to feel better; you will begin to experience peace

and find comfort and joy in living again. May God bless you, your family,

and everyone else important to you. You are special, and God loves you!


~ Carole J. Sluski, Mother of Paula, my deceased daughter.


I visualized I was standing in the middle of a field looking up into the baby blue sky. The clouds are fluffy like huge cotton balls spreading across as far as one can see. The sun’s rays are glimmering shining through and beyond the clouds down to the earth as a faint rainbow starts to appear. Then out of nowhere, comes this beautiful eagle with its wings spread wide, gliding downward as it picks up Paula’s soul and flies her up to Heaven.

Losing a child can only be described as an immediate shock of unbearable pain, grief, and mourning one can ever feel. Carole Sluski's experience was no different. After losing her daughter Paula as a young adult, while still on her deathbed, she grasped for the hope that a miracle would happen and she would have her child back again. At this crisis stage, she reached out to God because she had nowhere else to go. 

In Thirty: A Mother's Spiritual Journey After Losing Her Child, Carole shares her raw first-hand experience of the pain, confusion, disbelief, loneliness, sadness, and sickness she encountered in the loss of her child, Paula. From the early stages, in the beginning days of her loss, to her thirty-year journey of grieving and healing through her faith in God, Carole will help you understand that healing is possible.

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The Lord is near to the brokenhearted
and saves the crushed in spirit.

~ Psalm 34:18

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