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Thirty will inspire you to wake up each day knowing you will survive the most unbearable pain and that you are not alone, you are loved and in God’s hands. Faith heals us all.
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The Bestselling Book

Losing a child can only be described as an immediate shock of unbearable pain, grief, and mourning one can ever feel.

Carole Sluski's experience was no different. After losing her daughter Paula as a young adult, while still on her deathbed,

she grasped for the hope that a miracle would happen and she would have her child back again. At this crisis stage,

she reached out to God because she had nowhere else to go. 


As reality started settling in, Carole began leaning heavily on her faith to make it through each day of her life.

She was given a tool to use for healing her grief. As she continues to progress in living her life daily with healing, she has experienced a new development of her faith brought on by her connection with the Blessed Virgin Mary, the mother of Jesus. 


In Thirty: A Mother's Spiritual Journey After Losing Her Child, Carole shares her raw first-hand experience of the pain, confusion, disbelief, loneliness, sadness, and sickness she encountered in the loss of her child, Paula. From the early stages, in the beginning, days, weeks, and months of her loss, when she realized she was living in her darkest moments, to her thirty-year journey

of grieving and healing through her faith in God, Carole will help you understand that healing is possible. 


Carole's inspiring and touching story proves that taking small steps through your new life will make you a better person to yourself and others. Carole's love for Paula enabled her to be stronger and become a survivor through the worst physical illnesses and mental suffering she incurred. Knowing her God that the Holy Spirit is for real, she knows she will see Paula again in Heaven. 


Just like she did, you can also experience how faith will make you persevere in your darkest moments and unbearable pain.

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Kind Words

“No review can do justice to your well-told story. “Carole’s story about the loss of her daughter, Paula is a heart-rending story of a parents’ grief which is very real, raw, and heart-wrenching. I cried, no, sobbed along with her. This story speaks to every parent who has suffered the loss of a child and points to the only hope of getting through the nightmare: Faith. Carole writes with conviction about her faith in a way anyone can understand and it will resonate with any believer. All her emotions are authentic, honest, and deeply heartfelt which is why the reader is swept along with the narrative. I highly recommend this beautiful book to any parent who has experienced a tragic, unexplainable, and unexpected loss. Thank you, Carole, for having the courage to share this.”  

~ Josephine Allocca 

Bible Study, St. Agnes Church, Naples, Florida

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He will wipe away every tear from their eyes, and death shall be no more, neither shall there be mourning, nor crying, nor pain anymore, for the former things have passed away.

~ Revelation 21:4

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