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Blessed Virgin Mary

Talk To Jesus As Though He Is Your Best Friend And Closest Member Of Your Family.

I can visualize our beautiful Blessed Mother. In my vision, after Jesus’ Ascension, I see Mary kindly serving and sitting down to enjoy the meal she prepared with the Apostles and her friends. She is smiling and radiates a beautiful glow filled with Christ’s love that is as sincere as His love. This glow surrounds her, and her loving energy is felt by everyone she meets and embraces. Some call this an aura described as an energy field believed to emanate from a living being. It comes from her heart and soul. She is filled with goodness, kindness, and unconditional love that she shares with every living soul. This magnificent woman shows true happiness being around the people she loves and those who love her Son.

When the Blessed Virgin Mary gathered with the Apostles and followers of Jesus, they would celebrate the Last Supper including the Eucharist with all of those present. This offering would take place during a quiet moment where Jesus’ Presence is felt in Spirit, and everyone present can sense and receive His blessing. One after another, they all give thanks to God for the blessing they received to them and for strengthening the mission of the newly formed Christian faith. I can see each person bowing their head and making the sign of the cross in total adoration to our Lord. I can imagine Mary speaking of Jesus and telling beautiful stories about Him when he was growing up. When I go to Church and receive the concentrated Host, I talk to Him from my heart, knowing His presence is with me.

After the Eucharistic celebration was completed, I saw my vision of Mary sharing tender memories and teachings from the life she had shared with Jesus and her husband, Joseph, at the meal she had prepared for the Apostles of Jesus and her friends. We have no official documents giving us an account of how Mary, the Apostles, her friends, and her family lived. As Catholics and Christians, we need to use the resources approved by the Church to imagine our daily life. For example, Joseph may have fished to provide food for the table. I assume he took Jesus with Him and taught Him how to fish. I can see Joseph beaming when Jesus caught his first fish and brought it home to Mary; she was filled with happiness and prepared that fish in a particular way for their evening dinner. I can see the child Jesus beaming from ear to ear as he smells and hears the fish sizzling as Mary prepares it. There is so much we do not know, and maybe, just maybe, there will be a day we will all get to know the family life of Mary, Joseph, and Jesus on just an ordinary day in an ordinary way.

I feel that Jesus was never out of Blessed Mary’s thoughts, whenever He was away from her with the Apostles or even after He died. As parents, the memories of our loved ones can bring us to enjoy our lives without them physically present. Remembering our loved ones can bring us happiness and give us the peace we need to keep surviving every day. Within each of us, there lies a free choice and our right to keep our child’s name and memory alive within our hearts and souls for eternity or for as long as we need and want.

When I accepted the Blessed Virgin Mary as my mentor, my life improved and changed dramatically. When I said the Hail Mary, this prayer began to take on a new meaning; I felt my soul reach out to her like a little child just starting to walk. I wanted her in my life daily — and I wanted my prayers to be answered.

My soul related to her soul at the funeral. It was as if a light bulb was turned on inside me; I knew she could teach me how to use the tools I had been gifted with at birth so I may begin my healing process to mend my broken heart. The light she turned on was as bright as the sun — it allowed me to see the passageway I needed to move on to survive; it was her guidance and support, given to me with complete instructions on how to get there — the Rosary. You can use this information also because Mary gave you the exact tools; I am referring to the Mysteries of the Rosary. I realized and accepted I needed her guidance and support; I continued to pray often and to place my trust in her — my singular Hail Mary and Our Father prayers were perfected to complete Rosary prayers. I was thankful God led me to His mother out of unselfishness because of His Divine love for all of us.

Maybe, just maybe, the Blessed Virgin Mary sent me an example to follow. After Paula died, when sitting down to family Christmas or Easter dinners, I wanted to share a toast to honor Paula but avoided doing so for many years. I had been overly concerned about how and what others would think of me and worried they might think I was still grieving too much. I realized I should have acknowledged Paula whenever I felt called to do so and not kept her to myself like a secret. Even though Paula is no longer physically present at the dinner table, she can still be a pleasant reminder of the joy and love she brought to all of us through the stories we share about her and in the laughter that can follow and lift all our spirits. I have realized it is never too late to change, so I have begun toasting and blessing her and my deceased parents during these special gatherings. It helps me feel better, and I feel more complete and at peace when I do this.

Talk to Mary’s Son, Jesus, as though He is your best friend and closest member of your family. You trust him with your life. “Jesus, I need Your guidance and help so I have the motivation to do something in my life that will bring me happiness. Please put me on the pathway to utilize my God-giv-en abilities and talents, so I may continue to grow to be a better person, not just to myself, but to others. I am willing to work very hard to achieve happiness and peace.”

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