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God Gave Us Nature

Love comes from God in all His Glory.

There may be many ifs and maybes in my world, but I know what is not an “if”. It’s the most important feeling I have experienced in my life, as a child, as a young adult, as a mature woman, and as an elderly. This feeling is called love. There are many reasons I cherish, respect, and return love when I have it towards another. I believe this feeling of love comes from God in all His Glory. The ability to love is initiated during the process of developing in our mother’s womb. I have no idea what the specific stage of growth this feeling, love, occurs during this miracle. I call this a miracle because procreation must be the most important accomplishment God has created. It’s life itself.

As the fetus forms its way to maturity, namely, a baby, it is nurtured by the mother. This is the beginning of the gift of love and as the fetus grows, the mother’s love grows for her child. The mystery of life starts to form and develops by the second, minute, hour, day, week, and month, up until the moment of birth. During this period, perhaps something spectacular and Godly happens between the mother and fetus. Could it be, love begins to materialize and grows to develop as an invisible bond between the mother and baby? This possible narrative of the beginning of love can be interpreted as a love of need, a prerequisite for a belief that love is from God, our Creator.

Our total existence of human life balances between bonding the fetus with the mother. The mother is the vessel of procreation. The fetus needs the mother because she is the temporary home, where the fetus develops into a baby. The mother is necessary to complete God’s design; Mother Mary was necessary for God’s design, Jesus. Jesus is Divine and completes the Trinity; God is our designer of all life.

Generation after generation, love is given to us by God, and it flourishes as our faith in Him grows. This wonderful experience of faith occurs as we accept God as our Savior and through Him, we learn how to love ourselves. I remember my mother telling me as a child, “If you don’t love yourself, no one else will love you”. This sentence is a topic within itself. I believe loving oneself is taking care of yourself both in mind and body.

I remember there were moments when the pain of losing my child, Paula was so devastating it was not only mental, it became physical. The pain I felt was initiated by the love I had for Paula and missing her. Literally speaking, my love for Paula caused me pain when she died, and that pain indirectly led to ailments in my body. Even though I tried to always be positive and continue to have faith Paula was in Heaven, my body became victimized, and I suffered from physical and mental ailments. Because I loved life, had faith in God, and listened to His advice given to me by the Holy Spirit and saying the Rosary Prayer of the Blessed Mother Mary, I learned to be strong and kept a distance from my own death.

I know I was meant to live these last thirty years of Paula’s death to pass on what I learned and now know that life without God in it is not worth living. He is the One who died for us; He is the One who ascended into Heaven; He is the One who gave us the Holy Spirit; He is the One who gave us His Mother to be our Heavenly Mother; He is the One who gave us Heaven; He is the Eucharist.

~ Carole J. Sluski

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