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God's Beautiful Creation

A Time to Heal

God’s Beautiful Creation

So beautiful, her little toes stretching open to feel the slight breeze between each one of them. Her little feet kick at the mat which she lies on. Now, I hear her first signs of speech. A sweet voice of sound comes from the smile she is giving me. Just so adorable.

Speaking openly with sincerity, I am an advocate for the preservation of human life. There exists internally within this baby, the existence of something special, real, live, and good. It is the soul.

Throughout my life, I found my needs changing with every additional year I lived. The older I get, the less I need, the less I request from others, and the less I request from God. I find myself a believer in the simplicity of life. I want to keep my world small so I can reach every corner of its beauty and truly appreciate the value right before me. I see it differently. I need it differently. I crave differently. I want true relationships and I am willing to accept each relationship as a gift from God.

I am in a new world and see how the tiny and beautiful baby exists alongside me as my equal. The young and the old. The very young and the very old. The baby’s life is spread out before the world as a bright glowing light leaving a blanket of warmth for everyone within reach to feel. The baby has no worries because there is no thought of the unknown. There only exists a crispness of wonderful excitement for the present moment of life in every second of time.

At this point in the baby's life, there is no fear because fear itself hasn’t touched the baby’s soul. Only thoughts of upcoming happiness are in the air. I wonder, if being old is the young of a new beginning, just as the baby has this new life, am I awaiting my second birth to be my next new life? This is all about my faith and I pray every day of my elderly life to my Creator. My prayers lead me to ask God for forgiveness of my sins so I may have a new beginning in His presence of God in Heaven. I pray my soul has valued the goodness of everything in life and treated everyone in my circle of life with respect, kindness, and love.

The biggest lesson of my life was given to me by a beautiful baby. I find that being in the presence of this baby enhances my life with glorious feelings of love hard to describe and a realization that together, we are on the pole of life. The baby is the young and she is on the far left of the pole, the beginning of life. I am the old and I am on the far right of the same pole, the end of life.

The two of us have met by the grace of God and we are together on this pole to embrace true happiness and love for each other. This is my gift from God. How marvelous to have this experience of being a great-grandmother.

Thank you, God, for this beautiful opportunity while I am still alive and awaiting your calling. I pray my great-granddaughter lives her life in your presence and follows the path you want for her.

God in All His Glory

~ Carole J. Sluski

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