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Helping Others After Experiencing Traumatic Grief

Today, right now, on the one hand, I’m exhausted from talking for nearly two hours; on the other hand, I’m in awe and filled with a pleasant feeling of meeting someone extraordinary.

Before I go into details of who I just met, I want to talk about where my life is right now, at this moment in time. There are moments when I wish I were younger and filled with the beautiful energy I used to have. I know it is normal to feel this way because when I’m with other women in my peer group, we all agree, we get tired fast; this is the process of getting older. I used to think of my mom not as being “getting older” but as “being old.” That sounds terrible of me to remember that thought. I loved my mom dearly, but the fact remains the same.

My mom at that time was old, and I was the one who was getting old.. All the fronting in the world couldn’t change my deep feelings because it was true, I was getting old, and my responsibility to myself was to accept this fact. Remember, getting old and being old can be a good thing. We are smarter, wiser, and quieter. My heart disease, Cardiomyopathy, comes out of hiding occasionally, and the feeling of tiredness is so overwhelming I need to sit or lie down and rest. This is okay where I’m now, the computer’s keyboard typing out my feelings. Even though I am tired, I don’t want to lose the momentum of thoughts rushing in, like the surge of the hurricane we had last year in Florida.

I just ended up being interviewed as a guest on the podcast show, The Survivor, by Amanda Blackwood. My main target is how I survived grief from losing my daughter, Paula. She accepted me as a guest because I stressed all the illnesses I incurred. It was due to the stress I experienced over thirty years due to Paula’s death. I am grateful to God for leading me to this wonderful person’s podcast on a mission to save other women from the devil’s grip of human trafficking. She is the author of the book Custom Justice on Amazon; she is a victim and is reaching out to others who experienced or are presently experiencing this terrible, tragic life involvement.

After my interview and the recording ended, we began our chat. We discussed my book, THIRTY, and I explained to Amanda what she asked of my relationship with God and how He intervened in my life to write the book. Amanda divulged why she wrote her book, and we both had something huge in common. Both of us experienced traumatic grief and wanted to help others know there is always hope because God loves us dearly.

Amanda’s reason for being involved and sticking out her neck on her subject of human trafficking is to be commended. I am writing about Amanda’s cause because she, like me, wants to reach out to the world and express our desire to help others from grief and possibly save them from dying. Our subjects are different, but grief is grief, sadness is sadness, and pain is pain. In our world today, it scares and saddens me that such cruelness placed on women and men of all ages today is happening; these are our children of God.

After doing ten-plus podcasts, I realized what podcasting is all about. The podcaster and the guest have a platform to share their experience with an audience looking for hope, happiness, and joy to replace the grief that weakens our bodies. We share our feelings deep inside that alter us internally so that our faith grows greater than we ever imagined.

Our purpose for living is to tell our story for God in all His Glory.

~ Carole J. Sluski

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