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One Step At A Time

My faith in God continues to grow every day of my life and I want more.

I don't particularly appreciate learning everything about computers and all they can do. For so many years, I tried to keep my life simple and do just what I had to and as little as possible to learn all the programs a computer is made up of. I can only take a little dose at a time. It's like the healing process, one step at a time, and then I may go back a step or two in seconds.

Please remember, I'm 78 years old, and I feel I earned and deserve to live a simple, uncomplicated life once I turned 65. I'm only bringing this up because it's essential for the youth in the perfect age of 50 to 65 to understand that my generation was nothing compared to what your generation learned about the civilization of technology. Then, there are the sophisticated programs of social media consisting of challenges and learning processes on a continual, constant daily basis. I needed my management team to take over some of these technical tasks. What does this mean to me personally? It means if I believe in my book, I must put it first. I love shoes, and now I know I cannot even look at shoes on the internet. I must limit myself to purchasing the beautiful goodies that make me momentarily happy and in a good mood for part of my day.

I need to concentrate on the book and launch it first. Simply put, I must control spending money for my goodies to budget what's necessary for the book first. I should only use Amazon for promoting the book (not shoes, makeup, tops, a new rug for the bathroom, etc.). From here on out, Amazon will inform me of my status and ranking (#) in the domain of published authors worldwide by the categories in which my book is listed. It's a competition with my fellow writers categorized in Christian Death & Grief Counseling, Death & Grief, and Christian Death & Grief. This also gives me pleasure when I open my computer to Amazon to find out if the night was good or bad for me. What's nice to know is once you're a #1 bestseller author and your book is a #1 bestseller book, it remains status quo.


My faith in God continues to grow every day of my life and I want more; therefore, I was led to learn about the Bible and understand how it can make my life better. In my senior years, I have learned to reach out to my peer group of seniors through intervention at my church. Because of this miraculous happening to learn more about the Bible, I began to write this book. I realized I had firsthand experience in living thirty years after losing a child. The only conclusion I come to after thirty years is, “without God, there is no survival, and there is no logic for living”.

~ Carole J. Sluski

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