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The Glory of a Grandmother

Love is everywhere when it comes to grandmothers and grandchildren. The role of a grandmother should be a grand one, filled with pride and hope to aid in the happiness of their grandchild’s life. I know my daughter, Paula, loved her grandmother very much and learned a lot about life from her.

Grandmothers are extraordinary people in children’s lives. I have always felt that the DNA “factor” of the grandmother is also present in the child in a very special way because DNA is passed from generation to generation. If her grandchild dies, she will miss the piece she gave of herself to her grandchild. If her grandchild lives, this piece of herself remains living in her grandchild. When a death occurs to her grandchild, Grandma misses not only her grandchild but a part of herself, and this causes her heart to hurt. She knows her grandchild took this part of her to Heaven.

My mother was born on June 14, 1920. Had she lived, she’d be 103 years old this year. She passed away at the age of 94 years. I wrote a letter to my mother in my book, THIRTY, A Mother’s Spiritual Journey After Losing Her Child, on pages 218 and 219. In the introduction of my message, I wrote one short phrase which expressed how I feel about her, “save the best for last.”

I owe much thankfulness to my Mom because she taught me good work habits and how to use the skills God gave me. I took her lessons to heart, and because of this action, throughout my lifetime, I practiced what I learned and improved who I am by working hard. My Mom was alive when Paula died, and she was devastated and fragile from this loss. I imagine what she thought to herself at Paula’s wake; She would have gladly given her life in place of Paula’s death.


My letter to “My Beautiful Mortal Mother, Pauline.”

Hi Mom,

I miss and love you very much. You are in Heaven now with Dad, Diane, Paula, and all our other beloved family members. Tell Dad he prepared a pathway to Jesus for me; you were my pillar here on earth. I thank you for giving me a good life when I was young and always being there for me as I grew older. I will have surgery next month, so please tell our mother, Mary, to help me get through this. I cannot say too much now because I am crying again as I write. I put you last in my book because it is so hard to write about you. They always say, “Save the best for last.”

I can only tell you how much I love you and Dad by praying for you and Dad in my Rosary. Tell Dad thanks for teaching me all about God. I occasionally alternate his Rosary from the Knights of Columbus with Paula’s hand-made at the convent by nuns. I still have more accomplishments to do here on earth: I want to be with Denny longer; I want more time for our little family; it will be wonderful when I am a great-grandmother;I want to paint more seascapes since I am in Florida; do not forget, you are my first art teacher.

So, please keep that in mind when you see God. He is the Boss, and I respect His authority.

I smile from ear to ear when I remember your sense of humor, especially when Denny and I picked you up at Paulette’s house on the usual Friday evening date we had with you weekly. The movies first, followed by a fantastic meal at your favorite restaurant at TGIF. Denny went into the house to get you, and as usual, you walked to the car with a big smile. Denny helped you into the back seat, and you quickly made one of your comments. Do you remember what it was? You leaned forward from your seated position and rested your arms on the top of my car seat. “Oh, Carole — thank you so much for the wonderful time I had tonight. The dinner was wonderful, but I cannot remember what the movie was about. I replied, “Mom, we haven’t left the driveway yet!”

A memory of you, Mom, does not get better than that! I love how sweet and funny you can be, especially in your golden years. I heard the streets of Heaven are made of real gold. I know you walk on them every day. Also, I am not afraid of joining you on that street someday; for now, I will keep saying the Rosary Prayer for all of us. Remember, Mom, the more time I have here, the more Rosaries I can say for all of us.

Mom, I will love you forever,


I miss her, and when I die, I want to see her so I can hug and kiss her again. Family is important, and my Mom was a leader.

~ Carole J. Sluski

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